Gamayun is an AI Platform that researches and summarizes any topic for you

The idea is simple - you type something that you want to search for or a url.
     If it is a url, Gamayun will read it, summarize it and present you with the summary.
     If it isn't a url, Gamayun will search the web for it, read everything that can be found, summarize it and present to you the summary, the original sources and the original texts.

Gamayun is created as part of the Product Hunt Global Hackathon Any upvote on Product Hunt is a huge help!

If you want to receive news and free 3 months access to all of Gamayuns functionalities after its oficial release, you can do so here

From the first of January 2018, some of Gamayun's functionalities will be only available to premium users. Everyone that has subscribed before that will receive free premium access until first of April 2018.

If you manage to find something that Gamayun can not find anything about, tweet it to @BirdOfKnowledge and you will receive one free month of premium access for 2018. Furthermore this will stack! For every meaningful entry that you search and Gamayun doesn't find any information, you will receive another month free premium access!!!

The Twitter Handle for Gamayun is @BirdOfKnowledge

If you want to give feedback, ideas or anything else, you can do so either on the twitter account above, or here